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Men choose women because you listen to them, provide empathy and support and affection – none of which he really gets from his guy friends.As for me, I do believe that men and women can be friends.Tracking.track Image Shares('Facebook', '749165', '/2017/03/crazy-1st-date-reject-4.jpg', ''); return false;" 0)'https:// Config.panda Base Url '/close.html'), 'facebook-share-dialog', 'width=626,height=436'); Bored Panda.I have previously published two posts on the "friend zone"—the area of mismatched romantic or sexual expectations between friends.In the first, I shared some possible techniques to escape the friend zone and potentially turn from friend to boyfriend or girlfriend.In the second, I discussed this problem a bit more, sharing tips on how to avoid the friend zone in the first place.He’s merely accepting friendship, in lieu of dating you, because it beats the alternative. Having no girl friends, and, therefore, no one to confide in.From the same article: “Men rated cross-sex friendships as being much higher in overall quality, enjoyment and nurturance than their same-sex friendships.

By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms.Here are the ways in which I’ve made women friends:1) . It’s easy to be friends with someone you’d never sleep with. While attraction itself is not a choice, acting on that attraction is.Just keep in mind that men will sleep with women they’re barely even attracted to – especially when drunk, lonely, and horny.3) Now that I’m 100% taken, I can’t act on any crush or attraction, so I don’t even allow myself to go there emotionally. If you have maturity and self-control, you don’t act on your attractions and you can maintain platonic friendships. He may be holding a torch for you for all these years.Both posts received a good deal of commentary and stirred debate on whether men and women can be "just friends." Overall, comments suggested that men and women might have very different goals and motives for their "friendship," as each may look at the responsibilities of friendship and love a bit differently.As a result, they tend to co-create this friend zone confusion.

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