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Ze blijft naast Duitse ook Nederlandse programma's presenteren.Janzen maakte haar Duitse televisiedebuut in februari 2015 als presentatrice van The Voice Kids met Thore Schölermann.Ze speelde onder andere in de musicals Crazy for You, Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen, mijnheer?, Saturday Night Fever (Stephanie Mangano), 42nd Street (eerste understudy voor 'Peggy Sawyer'), Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Tarzan (Jane), Petticoat, Wicked (Glinda) en Hij Gelooft in Mij (Rachel Hazes).

The present disclosure provides a method for identifying a genomic aberration in one or more biological samples of a subject. In some cases, the disease may be identified and characterized by biological markers, such as nucleotide insertions and deletions, nucleotide substitutions, amino acid insertions, amino acid deletions, amino acid substitutions, gene fusions, copy-number variations, translocations, or gene expression signatures.

The biological samples may be obtained and may comprise a nucleic acid sample that has or is suspected of having one or more genomic aberration(s) that appears at a frequency of less than about 5% in the nucleic acid sample. In the past, patients with a particular disease may be identified and enrolled into clinical trials from an investigator's clinic or practice from advertising or referrals.

The nucleic acid sample may be enriched for a plurality of nucleic acid sequences to provide an enriched nucleic acid sample using a probe set comprising probes that have an on-target rate as a group of at least about 80%. The clinical trials may be paper-based, unavoidably burdensome, slow to monitor, process, and store.

Chantal Janzen (Tegelen, 15 februari 1979) is een Nederlandse actrice, musicalster, presentatrice, zangeres en televisieproducent die onder meer te zien was in 42nd Street, Saturday Night Fever, Beauty and the Beast, Hij Gelooft in Mij en Tarzan.

Tevens presenteert ze sinds 2005 diverse televisieprogramma's waaronder De Jongens tegen de Meisjes, Everybody Dance Now en Chantal blijft slapen.

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