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This Paul’s work was very criticized, because it demonstrated the sexual objectification of women and disrespectful attitude, especially in the video scene when Logan was sitting on three women like on a bicycle.Jamie Laurie, the member of Flobots, also commented this single for its lyrical content and for the illegal use of Flobots’ sample.The American actress Chloe Bennet had a first-hand experience of racial prejudice when she tried to get a role in Hollywood.With her bright appearance and artistic talent, the woman with Chinese roots took great pains to enter the world of cinematography.In 2015 he was named the 10th most influential person on Vine, where he used to post short videos and earn a lot of thousands of dollars by advertising revenue.

In 2010, she appeared on American television as a participant of the show The Nightlife.

Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media celebrity.

He has accounts on You Tube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. and continues shooting his great vlogs and short videos, mostly, for You Tube, but he is an active user of every social network.

Later, Jamie even released the single Handle Your Bars that made fun of Logan.

However, Paul didn’t make any apology or any other commentary, but he removed the single from You Tube.

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