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They strive to present information without bias, and do so on a variety of news topics.

Similar to the WSJ, the BBC has been around for years, and is widely considered to be a legitimate place to obtain unbiased news.

When your website is based entirely on collaboration, it’s almost impossible to get incorrect information up there for a long period of time; anyone else who is interested in the same topics will find the incorrect information, and make it accurate.

When it comes to news collaborative sites (that have some form of verification) are a great source of news.

The Associated Press, a multinational non-profit news agency, was founded in 1846, and aims to stay true to its unincorporated nature, remaining free from bias.

Frequently using the “Inverted Pyramid” method of journalism, the Associated Press reports on the general information related to a newsworthy event, and gives the pertinent details without bias; many other news stations often re-share or re-publish their stories, then adding more crucial details, often related to their own local area or political agenda.

If you want the general facts without a lot of argumentative input, The Associated Press is the place to go.

The Wall Street Journal has always been one of the world’s top sources for news, since the days of printed newspapers – and there’s a good reason.

Though no news site is ever free from bias, as a team of journalists, editors, news producers, and dozens of people are involved on each individual piece of content, each of these sites have qualities that make them a great source of unbiased news.When a news medium can establish such a good reputation over years and years of presenting news, it’s because they do it well.The WSJ has legitimate sources, and a large team of people who fact-check and verify the information they put out.Wikipedia is always under scrutiny for not being a legitimate source of information, because, essentially, anyone can contribute to it’s information source.This, however, is what gives it additional credibility when it comes to news.

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