Berkeley international dating agency reviews

We know how keen you are to meet someone to share your life with but how difficult this has been for you which must make the process all the more frustrating for you.

We would ask you to bear in mind though that this is a process and one which takes time especially when new criteria are introduced during the assignment as happened in your case.

After reading your stories, I don't think that is a good idea.

Good luck to all of you I was totally outraged by the Berkeley introduction service.

I am very sorry that it took me so long to find your agency!

My trials and tribulations with on-line dating were unbelievably painful and such a waste of my time.

Having met 7 people I thought I should perhaps take a dating break - but the team at Berkeley convinced me to persevere, and I am so glad I did. We just knew you and T would be perfect for each other and our gentle encouragement for you to meet him has certainly paid off. We are sorry to hear that your client is considering legal action against Berkeley International.

By the time you told us you no longer wanted to use us, you only had 2 ½ months of active membership left - bearing in mind we were more than happy to continue to work with you.

I can assure you that we remain willing to help you however we can and I invite you to contact me privately so that we can move things forward in a positive way for you.

Sincerely Berkeley International Team I was told I could join for £300 But to keep it quite, as they were charging others considerbly more. I was so disappointed as it took 6 mother to actually meet someone. But the service is not with the modern times, I strongly recommend against using this match making service.

By the end of the break period I was engaged and asked for some of my money back. However, potential joiners should know that they are the type of business who feel justified in keeping your total sum of money for potentially a tiny amount of work they will do.

Here's a more detailed review I saw in the FT, also highlighting their upfront payment hustling.

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