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I simply tell people that I have a tendancy to go into hermit stages and hibernations where I simply like to be alone.

I've looked for a long time online and have been rejected alot, but this one just might work out. I've been diagnosed APD and have thought about online dating but I can't help thinking that will end in disaster.In the beginning, I met alot of people who didn't want to bother with me but after awhile the good ones began to shine through.There's alot of girls that were wierded out me but in the long run, they simply weren't worth the time and effort anyway.Of course, avoidant is way beyond shy, so I still think you have to beat the Av PD before you are going to have luck with dating (if you are after LTRs with healthy people.If you are after roller coasters with not so healthy girls, well that may be a possibility, but I'm not sure it's good for you).

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