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When I bought a vibrator, she smiled at me and said, “I’ll throw in the batteries for free! Whether or not she had been flirting with me, it was too late. It’s further proof of how I find it way too easy to misinterpret the signs that people are — — interested.I did nothing to further investigate her aim, so my conclusion is that I wasted a moment. Where’s the line between friendliness and more-than-friendliness? I “dropped by” with homemade cookies, read her tarot cards, listened to her woes during midnight phone calls, and visited her when she was sick.When I started college, I didn’t have any dating experience. I ended up having a “boyfriend” for three weeks freshman year, counting the five-day Thanksgiving vacation. My reasoning was “Nobody else will ever want me anyway, so if somebody shows interest, jump in.”It was a “relationship,” if you can call it that, for the sake of having a relationship — all surface.While there’s nothing wrong with a romantic start in adulthood, there’s a stigma around it. Like a disgusting cake with beautiful frosting, it lacked the ingredients for happiness.“Remember that time you were ten and the boy at the Christmas party tried to flirt with you? We were waiting on a rather long line to talk to Santa, who was nice enough to come by my dad’s company’s office party, and this annoying kid was tearing sheets of paper into bitty shreds, raining it over my hair, smiling at me, and following me around. My very limited experience suggests that it depends a lot on reading facial expressions and instantly guessing what the other person is thinking, then acting in a timely manner.For me, that difficulty is both in expressing myself and in understanding the complex hidden meanings in language, which is itself social.“Hey, how is your new year going? I have a tendency to take things literally — it’s taken me years to effectively understand sarcasm, and I often miss the point of “dirty” jokes or innuendo.Or, to the contrary, I overcompensate and get lost in searching for the secret meanings behind words.

My sister informed me that my number-based formula, which credited people in my life on ten different qualities and items on a 1-to-5 scale in order to figure out who was my friend, was completely ridiculous and lacking.This is the true story of…the day me and Philip the bad Parted (secretly). ’ I went out, crying.”“Philip the Bad” wasn’t my friend, much less a grade-school love. I do my best to tread them, and I think I have the important parts down pat, like how to love people and be kind to them, but the subtleties of body language, the knowledge of appropriate responses, and the idea of being in touch with my feelings escapes me. He Yelled an ear-deafing Yell and said to me ‘NEVER STEP ON THE MASTER’S FOOT!Flirting, though, is fast-paced, occurring in moments dripping with subtext.The time to act is , but it takes longer for me to process social information.

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How utterly inconvenient for me to read certain sexy eyes as aggravated.

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