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She'd followed me from the house with her lights off.

I can only imagine how scared she must have been following me like that.

Part One: Backstory There are many up-sides to growing up without a dad, but dealing with your mom is not one of them....

Maybe it was just the anticipation of seeing my girlfriend in all her sexy glory. Hannah was playing with her pussy vigorously at this point and she had already told me that she was very orgasmic most of the time. You're going to make me cum so much." That turned out to be easier said than done.But every time I'd go on a date or go out with friends, mom would do one of two things: She'd yell at me not to go until I went into submission. I knew that she was at the cabin right now waiting for me.She'd beg me to stay and cry and just be plain pathetic. She had told me that I'd have a surprise waiting for me if I came to the cabin tonight. I snuck past my mom, but that was barely necessary.The figure strode up to the side of my car and leaned against my open window. She was wearing nothing but a small, white tube top and a white thong as well. "Be careful Matty." She wiggled her ass a little and suddenly my cock's head popped in. She felt like a tunnel made of silk that pulled on my cock like a suction cup.It just seemed to suck more and more of my dick in without much input from me. As we started to fuck really good, I lost all track of time. I'd had some fucks before, but I couldn't believe how good Hannah felt. I was thinking in my head, oh boy, this is gonna be a long night.

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