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The dress possesses powers that spread sexuality and sensuality throughout the body and soul of anyone who wears it.As the story unfolds, Marci (Patty Petite), a young model, sneaks the dress home with her and uses its stranger powers to seduce Harvey (Nick Random), her shy but handsome accountant. Runtime: 87 minutes Description: The younger the meat, the sweeter the treat.More physical than medical, these hot girls examine the patients, doctors and each other!Runtime: 73 minutes Description: There is something very magical about a dress spun by Gypsy weavers in the south of France.Each and every woman who puts on the dress falls under its mysterious spell.Runtime: 89 minutes Description:: Welcome to the hottest restaurant in town!

Some of the tastiest tarts in porn play with wanton waitresses here, and each of them turn in at least one white-hot tryst.

Will they find the freedom they so desperately desire or will they be captured and sent back to Warden Kane for punishment? Runtime: 74 minutes Description: The icy beauty warden Sharon Kane runs the California halfway house for girls to suit her own sexual fantasies.

Life can be easy here or life can be a living hell depending on how far a girl is willing to go to stay out of "the cage." Alone and scared, shut up in a prison run by dykes, the girls have only one another to turn to. The girls there sure know how to get down and dirty.

With buxom waitresses ready and willing to fill every special order, it's no wonder that this place is becoming one of the most popular in town.

Whether treating a customer to some extra sizzle with their steak or enjoying a feverish frolic in the back room with the manager, you can bet that these gals earn every penny of their tips!

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Rachel Ryan steals the show in a ravenous early performance, sharing her supple curves with all comers in a series of torrid tussles.

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